The Colbert Law Firm believes in handling the entire case. For that reason, the following Legal Related Services are also available:

Case Sealing/Expungement

Your arrest or case may be eligible for sealing and expungement. This means that your case's court file can be sealed. Once a case is properly sealed, extra steps can be taken to permenantly remove the case. The benefit to sealing and expunging your case is that you can legally deny to acknowledge the arrests covered by the sealed or expunged records in most circumstances.

DMV Administrative Hearings

If your license is suspended or if you have a traffic ticket that you want to fight, contact the Colbert Law Firm.

Hardship License Assistance

It's tough to go anywhere in Florida without a Driver's License. Obtaining a Hardship License can be a daunting process. Let The Colbert Law Firm help you!

Injunction Hearings

Sometimes domestic issues happen. It's easy to say the wrong thing or let your emotions get the best of you in these situations. Keep your cool and don't go it alone, contact The Colbert Law Firm and have someone in your corner.

Mugshot Removal

Friends, loved ones, employers, future employers, they all know how to use the internet. Often times the Mugshot portrait is not the most flattering image that we want to project to the world. Contact The Colbert Law Firm to find out how we can help you clean up those images!


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