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The Colbert Law Firm was founded in 2013 with one simple goal in mind, provide comprehensive legal care to people facing challenges with the law. No matter what the legal issue, facing the criminal process can be intimidating and daunting for both the individual and their loved ones. Criminal cases have real consequences that ripple throughout many aspects of your life and can follow you for years to come.

The Colbert Law Firm recognizes that every person and every case is different and is dedicated to taking care of its clients from both the personal and legal aspect.  This unique viewpoint allows clients to be provided with comprehensive legal care, including counseling, navigating the legal process, as well as knowledgeable, experienced, and aggressive advocacy.

In the sea of criminal defense options, don’t just pick a firm that can simply get the job done, contact The Colbert Law Firm at (407) 412-7234 and discover the difference yourself.


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