Arrested for a DUI this Holiday Season?

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Got a big butt you don’t want to hide?

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It's beach season, time to break out the sunscreen, the sunblock, and yes, the swimwear. We’ve been to the beaches, we’ve seen them at the water parks, at the heart of this post is the one, the only, the thong/ g-string bikini! Have a big butt that you don't want to hide? Here are some things to be aware of before you strut your stuff in Florida: Indecent Exposure - It's a F...


I'm excited to announce that The Colbert Law Firm will be launching this month! The firm will be based in Orlando, Florida, with a focus on DUI/DWI, Traffic, and Criminal Defense. The best part will be practicing law the way I want to on every single case. I've come to recognize that the client needs to be treated as a whole person and not just a case. Real people, real conseq...