I’m excited to announce that The Colbert Law Firm will be launching this month! The firm will be based in Orlando, Florida, with a focus on DUI/DWI, Traffic, and Criminal Defense. The best part will be practicing law the way I want to on every single case.

I’ve come to recognize that the client needs to be treated as a whole person and not just a case. Real people, real consequences. There is often fear, uncertainty, and unfamiliarity with the criminal justice system and knowing what can happen to an individual and their family. My clients are treated like they are my family. I believe that people deserve comprehensive legal care. They need an attorney who is looking out for their best interests, who will take the time to explain the process, explain the situation, and explain the consequences in a way that people can relate and understand. My clients deserve to have a smart attorney who knows the law, who can think outside of the box, can think on her feet, and who sees the whole picture and not just the short sighted immediate result.

I love the area of law I have fallen into, I love my clients, and I love making a real difference in people’s lives. With the Opening of The Colbert Law Firm, I will be able to focus more on my clients and provide them with the comprehensive legal care that they deserve.

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